Ellegelle Machinery

Spraying machines

JETMATIC 900 series E – P

Manual washer with grid platform and spray gun for small pieces and devices.

E series electric, P series pneumatic.

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JETMATIC 1400 serie E-P

Manual washer with rotary basket and spray gun for heavy and voluminous peaces

E Series electric P series pneumatic

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lavapezzi industria

ASF 1000 – 1350 – 1700

Single stage automatic spray washer with cantilever removable table.

Steady table with adjustable nozzles in position for a dedicated washing in the points of greatest need.

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GE 1200-2X GE 1500-2X

Spray washer, double tank for washing and rinsing with removable rotating basket on stand or external trolley.

Opening with pneumatic pistons, suitable for very heavy and bulky parts.

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GE 1800-2X GE 2000-2X

Spray washer, with double thank for washing and rinsing, with on-stand removable rotating basket.

Opening with pneumatic pistons, suitable for very heavy and bulky parts.

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Lavaggio posizionato

RST 1350-8P / RST 1500-10P

Metal parts washer suitable for positioned washing of complex mechanical parts. Step-by-step progression.

The machine is equipped with a rotating table with 8 or 10 work phases with advancement from the initial loading position to the same final unloading position.

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Lavapezzi Combinata

CRJ 900 – 1200

Combined spray washer for automatic and manual washing.

Automatic washing with rotating basket for heavy and delicate parts, manual washing with high pressure lance, pedal basket rotation.

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tunnel di lavaggio

Continuous washing plant with screw conveyor series TCL

Continuous washing plant with screw conveyor.

Construction en acier inoxydable Aisi 304. Single-stage or multi-stage washing system, both spray and immersion, for parts with complex geometry. Made of Aisi 304 stainless steel.

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Tunnel di lavaggio

TUNNEL with screw conveyor série TTA

Spray washing tunnel with conveyor belt transport.

Single-stage and multi-stage systems for series cleaning of parts with complex geometry. Entirely made of aisi 304 stainless steel.

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